Another plug in the press

Thanks to Ellen Simmons and the New London Record, “Rumor” got another plug.  The Shoppe here in New London has limited winter hours while the owners hit the auction trail in search of new goodies, so don’t be surprised if you have trouble finding store hours. The New London Historical Society also has copies for sale. You can generally find someone around on Saturday afternoons. Buy online right from here and I’ll sign your copy and get it in the mail within a day or two.

Several people who dropped by the buy a copy of “Rumor” at the Cleveland Christmas Connection mentioned the movie “Secondhand Lion” when I described the Hooker story to them. Well, I watched the movie and got a kick out of it. Within the first 5 minutes, the “narrator” stated, “Rumor has it… they had money hidden away in the barn.” Two older bachelor brothers, well-versed in firearms, reclusive and ornery. That’s where the similarities end, but a fun movie regardless.



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2 responses to “Another plug in the press

  1. George really liked this movie. I will have to watch it.

  2. Thanks, Amy! I have one more signing scheduled in Hudson on April 9th.

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